Organic Sanitation Solutions for Food & Beverage Industry

Organic Sanitation for Food & Beverage Sanitation

Ozone is approved by USDA and the FDA as an organic additive to kill food-borne pathogens. Our ozone sanitation systems are EPA licensed, NSF approved, OSHA compliant and are designed to meet the needs of any size food and beverage application.

Sanitation is crucial for Food & Beverage industry. Most commonly used chlorine, other chemicals or steam or hot water for sanitation with multiple drawbacks.


Ozone, a cost effective organic safe sanitation solution for food & beverage industry

Drawbacks of traditional food sanitation options range from high costs of operation, to ineffectiveness. Despite efforts by Food & Beverage manufactures, 1 out of 6 people in the U.S. will become seriously ill this year from food borne illness (CDC estimates).

Ozone is an highly effective, versatile, organic sanitize and disinfectant.

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