Ozone Sanitation Systems

As pioneers in ozone sanitation systems, McClain Ozone Sanitation systems set the standard for ozone sanitation systems. We offer a complete set of systems that include:

Our McClain Ozone Sanitation systems exceed all industry and safety standards and are EPA Registered, NSF Registered, and OSHA Compliant.

Our ozone systems provide highest ozone concentrations to improve sanitation and shorten the time it takes to sanitize and reduces cost.

McClain Ozone systems are reliable  (over 3500 working installations) and are backed by the best warranty in the industry (3 year Corona Cell / 2 year limited).

We offer training, support and maintenance for all ozone sanitation solutions.  Ozone sanitation can be used for many applications and McClain systems are designed to be customized for your need. See a list of our offerings below.

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