Mobile Ozone Sanitation Systems

Our mobile on-demand-zone systems are built to be compact, mobile and to be scaled as your needs grow.  See a list of mobile on demand ozone sanitation systems below.


McClain Sanitation Systems Destroyer Series (small to medium size applications)

McClain Sanitation Systems Destroyer Series

Ozone generator and test equipmentDestroyer sanitation systems are upgradable ozone on demand sanitation systems. This is our most popular Ozone Sanitation system for small to medium sized food and beverage applications. Most wineries, breweries and food processors use this system for their food & beverage organic sanitation needs.

Destroyer series comes in 3, 6. 12, 18 and 24 grams per hour according to your aqueous or gaseous sanitation requirements.


  • Destroyer 24 (24 g/hr) provides and 5.5 – 6.5 ppm aqueous ozone
  • Destroyer 18 (18 g/hr) provide 4.5-5.5 ppm aqueous ozone
  • Destroyer 12 (12 g/hr) provide 3.5-4.5 ppm aqueous ozone
  • Destroyer 6 (12 g/hr) provide 2.5-3.5 ppm aqueous ozone
  • Destroyer 3 (3 g/hr) provide 2.0-2.5 ppm aqueous ozone

Destroyer series can customized with options listed below.

McClain Bugbuster Ozone Sanitation Series (medium to large applications)

Bugbuster Ozone Sanitation Series

McClain Ozone Bugbuster SeriesAs pioneers in mobile ozone sanitation systems, McClain Mobile Sanitation systems set the standard for compact and portable ozone on demand systems. Bugbuster is the flagship series of ozone on demand mobile organic sanitation systems.

Most medium to large food & beverage applications use the Bugbuster series.

The Bugbuster Series has four systems with ozone outputs of 24, 36, 48 and 60 grams per hour. You can customize based on your aqueous and gaseous sanitation requirements.


  • Bugbuster 60 (60g/hr) provides and 8.5 – 10 ppm aqueous ozone
  • Bugbuster 48 (48g/hr) provides and 7.5 – 8.5 ppm aqueous ozone
  • Bugbuster 36 (36g/hr) provides and 6.5 – 7.5 ppm aqueous ozone
  • Bugbuster 24 (24g/hr) provides and 5.5 – 6.5 ppm aqueous ozone

When equipped with the Ozone and Oxygen Gas option the Bugbuster Series can be used for sanitation, deodorization, mold and insect control. All available options for mobile systems are listed below.

McClain Ozone systems are customized to meet your business needs and are built to be upgradable.

Following options are available for the McClain Ozone Systems Destroyer and Bugbuster series mobile sanitation systems:

Ozone and oxygen gas option – allows you to pull direct ozone or medical grade oxygen (without water) from the system. Ozone is effective to control airborne contaminants and oxygen can be used where medical grade oxygen is needed.

Low flow (bottle washing) option – this allows the system to operate at a very low water flow rate (0.5 gpm) for applications such as bottle/can washing, and foaming.

Enhanced barrel sanitation option – this option is specially designed to sanitize wooden barrels better

Touch screen control – this option allows for touch screen control of the McClain destroyer system.

Ozone output control option – this option allows the user to control the output of ozone gas.

McClain Ozone safety system – safety system removes excess ozone safely to enhance workplace safety and to improve a bubble free ozone water application.

Cart mounted safety monitoring system – this option automatically shuts off the system if any leaks are detected.

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