Ozone for water and waste water treatment

Ozone Applications in Water & Waster Water Treatment

Ozone is an effective oxidizer and a disinfectant, a natural choice for treating drinking water and for treating municipal and industrial waste water. Ozone leaves no residue or harmful bi-products. More than 2000 installations around the world use ozone systems to treat drinking water.

Why choose ozone for drinking water & waste water treatment

  • Ozone is effectively disinfects by destroying a broad spectrum of microbes and pathogens. Ozone destroys bacteria, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Amoebae and all known viruses faster than any other chemical.
  • Oxidation from ozone reduces and removes odor, color and eliminates taste.
  • Reduction or elimination of metals in water ┬áto safe levels due to high oxidation
  • Reduction or elimination of organic contaminants in water due to oxidation
  • Ozone can also be converted to hydroxyl radicals which offer more powerful oxidizers than ozone itself. Hydorxyls achieve higher reaction rates (Advanced Oxidation Processes) and can be utilized to treat many waste water applications.
  • Ozone increases coagulation effectiveness
  • Does not alter pH level of water
  • Ozone systems are automated and reliable, needing very little maintenance





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