Winery and Vineyard Ozone Sanitation

Organic Winery & Vineyard Sanitation with Ozone

Ozone can be effectively used to sanitize barrels, bottling lines, tanks and many other winery and vineyard applications. North Woods Ozone sanitation solutions products are used in many wineries around the world.


Use of Ozone Sanitation in the Winery & Vineyard

  • Barre sanitation and storage
  • Tank and press sanitation
  • Bottling line sanitation
  • Hose, transfer line, valve, barrel bung and pump sanitation
  • Surface sanitation
  • Air sanitation & vector control
  • Controlling mold in the vineyard
  • Control of mildew in the vineyard

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Why choose ozone sanitation for your winery

  • Most traditional sanitation methods such as chlorine, and other halogen chemicals impact the taste of wine. Ozone does not.
  • Ozone simplifies sanitation processes and reduces sanitation cost
  • Since ozone is generated on demand, it reduces the need to keep stock, manage stock and disposal of harmful chemicals
  • Ozone is a cold sanitizer, reducing energy requirements and thereby saving on energy costs
  • Ozone kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, molds, yeasts, spores and cysts up to 10-5000 times faster than traditional chemicals.
  • Ozone turns into Oxygen and leaves no harmful contaminants
  • Ozone is approved by FDA and USDA and is approved as an organic sanitizer
  • Ozone is ph neutral